Gene Keys Bulgaria supports the Bulgarian genius!

The human genius is boundless. It is a source of extraordinary strength and creative potential. The world constantly needs the power of creative energy, not only for its development but also for filling our lives with beauty, with inspiration… with LOVE!

A special light, power, and wisdom flow in the Bulgarian DNA! They can be felt through our amazing artists and their creations. We, at “Gene Keys Bulgaria”, want to empower this deep Bulgarian magic to reach all over the world!

And over the last few years, we’ve made a few small steps to make that happen, spreading the genius all around the globe with our unique “Gene Keys Pulse Calendar”, which each year contains the amazing art of truly incredible and talented Bulgarian artists to shine in our homes.

Touch the Bulgarian genius. Feel the magic encoded in our DNA!

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Presented artist in the 2021 Edition – Gergana Tabaкova
Presented artist in the 2022 Edition – Tsanka Aleksandrova

Artists and their works that we support!


I am Gergana Tabakova and I am a painter from Plovdiv. I studied painting, graphics, sculpture, and pedagogy.

I found my totem in 2014 and it showed me my future. Since then I have been painting and I see the totem animals of people. I am a teacher in painting and as such, I meet many people every day. I ask many people questions about their most favorite animals. As it turns out every person has a connection to their animal.

My gift is to find and paint these animals to make it easier for people to connect with them, with the spiritual world, and with themselves! Whenever I create, the totem arrives on its own with the energy of the person it is designated for. Each of them is always different.

I also make wooden amulets decorated with the pokerwork of the totem animal of the person. And I make Dream Traps, every single one unique and different from the others, that has a very strong vibration: if you have nightmares, they can help you make dreams a real journey!

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Tsanka Alexandrova - creator of mystical amulets

Exiopeya is one of the songs of my soul! A tender memory from a previous Me! A Reminder … a Call … an Impulse … Love…

There was a wonderful movie called “Chocolate”: The main heroine in it felt the call of the wind, and she followed…

I am a little like her. When I felt that Inner Call, I gave myself to it, and keep on giving. When that Call appeared, it enchanted me. And we started creating Goddesses and Shamans – amulets, together.

And when the Moon peeks in through my window in the evening, as if She, just like me, trembles to understand what will be born from the piece of clay in my hands, the magic happens, time stops, and hours turn into timelessness. And that’s how a Goddess is born!

Welcome to my world full of tenderness and beauty. Trust this loving energy and if you feel The Call, don’t be afraid to follow it! Thank you!

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Baba Ivan - storyteller and animal friend

Baba Ivan was born in Novi Pazar, a small city in the northeast of Bulgaria, on the 11th of September, 1954. Close to the Holy Cliff – the Madara Plateau and close to the sea – Ivan has always been in nature and grew up deeply immersed in the natural world. With a strong connection to his ancestors, he grew up around animals, honoring them. When he was a young boy he lived in a little shelter close to a forest taking care of beehives, surrounded by many of the forest inhabitants that became friends with him, living in harmony and silence. He had a deep love for creating things and became a designer of porcelain cups and pots. His talent was recognized and he was awarded with two gold medals.

Once Ivan got the opportunity to embark on a traveling adventure, taking him far from Bulgaria and exploring the African continent. This journey deeply touched him, as apart from the magical new animal world, he met so many foreign faces, kind hearts, and human purity. He was deeply touched by the humanity and the kindness of the people that he met there, their purity, and the magical animal world. This journey and its meetings greatly infused Ivan’s storytelling and energized his love and care for all animals.

Nowadays during winter Ivan lives in his small house, and on a wild beach during the summer times. He continues as an ever-greater lover of the animal world, living close to nature. He is one of those people that is rarer and rarer to find nowadays: A true inspiration on how to live in harmony with nature.

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DRAGONFLIES - by Gene Keys Bulgaria

You can also touch the 7 magic DRAGONFLIES, which represent the 7 sacred seals described in the 22nd gene key. They have the power to support you in the transformation of the 6 sacred wounds in your life!
I want a dragonfly


We (Gene Keys Bulgaria) are seekers People who walk on paths that give them a sense of usefulness and meaning. We met through our values, our longings, our past. Our paths came together and built a common one. And what brought us together is a knowledge that enriches our lives with its depth and integrity.

The path we are walking now is the wisdom of the Gene Keys. A path that gives us the awareness and strength to present the best of ourselves. A path that gives us the tools to share our genius to the world. We walk together and we want to share this journey with anyone who feels it is for him. Each of us puts its heart into our common mission – to help everyone who wants to lead a more conscious, productive, and happy life.

The funds you donate to us will be used to spread the wisdom of the Gene Keys, and for the realization of a long-held dream: the creation of a retreat center for the Gene Keys in Bulgaria! This dream is getting closer, and everyone will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this extraordinary live transmission. We will periodically send you emails to see how this dream materializes, to see what amazing work you have supported! Help this seed to germinate and bear fruits.